Howarth Litchfield Partnership is pleased to announce the planning application has been submitted to Durham County Council, by Barnard Castle School for a new sports pavilion. The below article is written by Connor Larman at the Northern Echo.

A historic North-East school could see the construction of a new sports pavilion a planning application to Durham County Council has revealed.

The pavilion is just the first stage of a masterplan commissioned for Barnard Castle School which aims to identify the future needs, current condition and the upgrading of buildings and infrastructure for the estate.

The new pavilion could be a standalone building located off the north-west corner of the existing artificial pitch.

The main use of the pavilion aims to be a modern changing facility for students and external users as the current facilities are spread across two blocks which, according to the Heritage Statement, is difficult to safeguard as they are within blocks that contain residential bedrooms.

The design of the pavilion proposes changing rooms at ground level which are concealed behind earth mounds and the viewing areas of the pavilion would be positioned on the first floor. Their elevated position would provide for uninterrupted views of the surrounding sports pitch.

The statement continues to say that the building has been carefully considered to minimise the impact on the setting within the Open Space, as well as the listed chapel just 215m away.

Key requirements for the pavilion could be 10 changing rooms, staff and officials changing rooms, an accessible changing space, a first aid room, a reception and office, toilets for the viewing area and an open plan flexible space allowing for 150 to 200 people and 360-degree views of the playing fields.

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