Our goal is to create beautiful places with lasting value for the clients and communities we serve.

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Howarth Litchfield’s name is built on a history of openness in our services and professional integrity. Our multi-disciplined staff deliver projects of all sizes for clients throughout the UK, adding value to every project by combining the right mix of skills, technology and expertise. We also enable clients to achieve the optimal return on investment by reducing and controlling costs, and delivering projects on time with the highest quality.

HL is one of the largest architectural and interior design practices in the region with unparalleled reputation for professionalism, embedding cost effectiveness, whole life costing, sustainability and functionality into our flexible designs.  The Practice has bases in Durham and London.

We have a reputation for reliable delivery of projects as the lead consultant, or through professional collaboration.  Our philosophy is to pull together the best expertise into a project team, whether in design or management assignments. We enjoy many long standing joint venture relationships and alliances for project delivery.

Our Approach

Design is the creative focus of our process.  It is based on a participatory process in which we bring together clients, economists, engineers, developers, policy makers, stakeholders and builders to construct appropriate visions for the future.

Our designs build on the unique character and positive qualities inherited by each place in which we work. By working at many scales, we find ways of coordinating the design of individual buildings; the public spaces they help create; the neighbourhoods, towns, and cities of which they are a part; and the regional culture they celebrate into a viable and vital urban tapestry.

We deliver results. 
We can deliver total services to a project or form flexible work teams that can integrate into a larger team in partnering and sub-consulting roles. Howarth Litchfield is well known for the high quality standards in design, surveying and project management. We deliver:

  • Innovative, integrated and sustainable designs.
  • Excellence in Architectural design.
  • Interior Design
  • Highly skilled project management and Principal Designer expertise.
  • Integrated Building Surveying and Technical Advisory skills

We have dynamic design studios with architects who are published and have won numerous awards on major projects for our clients. Our aim is to create timeless designs that continue to serve the most important private, commercial and institutional clients in the UK and beyond.

Architect Awards