Absolutely delighted with our design for The Terry Frost Building for 411 students. Another creative regeneration project for Alumno. Inspired by the artisan heritage and clay industry in the norther quarter of Leeds.

We first looked at the site for Alumno in early 2019. It started with a blank site and some freehand overlays and massing studies. We quickly moved into engagement with key stakeholders and the consultant team grows throughout the pre planning and planning stages.

GMI come on board and the cast grows into hundreds. 3 1/2 years later the doors open and the first residents arrive. Looking back it’s been an incredible journey and such a rewarding experience. Thanks to David Campbell for the opportunity. Thanks to the whole team at Alumno, RPS, GMI, all the consultants and contributors along the way.

The architecture redefines the urban fabric and will be a catalyst for further developments to follow.

The integration of art, poetry and sculpture enhances the cultural significance and the Terry Frost Building stands proud.

Best wishes to all those who will live and work here May they be inspired and thrive in their chosen areas of study.





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