The Fold House has been compared to a James Bond house. The films were famously full of some great buildings. As M would say – a design to die for.

With the Spectre of a new application, we can now reveal the drawings, which are not just for your eyes only. The beautiful Fold House sits with a view to a kill. We have worked the living daylights to produce an environmentally friendly ‘active‘ house, sensitive to nature and the architectural forms of Northumberland creating a modern home. It’s no oddjob but well considered with lots of design Q‘s. The building consists of two wings with a calm sitting area creating a quantum of solace at its heart.

The design panel complimented the approach and care of Howarth Litchfield. Our approach is diamonds are forever in creating a house that is both modern and appropriate for its setting. Made of local stone, zinc and bonded panel construction.

Let’s hope for a yes rather an (Dr) no with the planners. Time for a well-earned drink to the team and the client, dry Martini, shaken not stirred – of course.

Signed – Litchfield, Howarth Litchfield

fold house full

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